In memory of Cecil the Lion …


This image was created on 17 JUNE 2015 by Nature Photographer, Dana Warnquist, just a few short weeks before Cecil’s life was sadly shortened at the hands of a trophy hunter.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see Cecil and experience his environment.

… Dana …

3 thoughts on “In memory of Cecil the Lion …

  1. I’m so proud of my sister to have created this post in honour of such a gorgeous and respected animal such as Cecil . However, I am appalled that the gentlemen, no, thats too kind, the creature that killed this gorgeous animal for some outrageous sum of money should be allowed to live and return to the U.S.. He has killed other animals like this and should be stopped!! I’m outraged by the fact that this barbarian seems to think his money can buy whatever he wants….no matter the cost. He, and other poachers must be stopped for these senseless acts of killing. 😦


  2. Beautiful and so breathtaking. This photo of “Cecil” is spectacular Dana. I can’t comprehend how killing this special animal could bring someone pleasure. So so sad. How lucky you are to have seen him and to photo all his beauty. So proud of you. Thank you for sharing…….please post more pics!


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